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Dinner Services

Your corporate logo, initials, crest, badge, or coat of arms can be shown in a variety of different ways on fine porcelain. Once the initial pattern (the design on the edge of the plate) is chosen the client will discuss with us how best to display the design, whether on the shoulder of the plate or in the centre. Sometimes, as in a coat of arms the crest may be on the shoulder and the shield in the centre. Many combinations are possible, particularly as the many shapes in the form of plates, cups and saucers, serving dishes, tureens, sauce boats or centre pieces give different opportunities to display aspects of a design. This gives clients the opportunity to create their unique family heirlooms which can be passed down the generations.  High quality reproductions of paintings or photographs are sometimes shown on presentation pieces.

The Bantry Service
East India Service

Presentation Pieces

Whether for corporate clients or private commissions porcelain lends itself to highly individual gifts which give a rare distinction which is highly appreciated.



Presentation  plate commissioned by HM The Sultan of Selangor. Plate commissioned to be given with a State order of Selangor showing the colours of the ribbon of the order on the shoulder and the star of the order in the centre.



LONDON SCOTTISH          plate and mug

Pieces commissioned by the London Scottish Regiment for their 150th anniversary.



COLLEGE OF ARMS PLATE (Garter)       One of a set of plates presented to the College of Arms in London, showing their full heraldic achievement in the centre.


Mats & Coasters

These are a selection of private commissions for table mats and drinks coasters.

The mats and coasters are available with either cork or felt back and come in gloss or satin finishes. They are heat resistant melamine on 4.2mm eucalyptus board with domed sealed edges.


Corporate & Hotelware

This is made in a more robust porcelain that is suitable for commercial dish washers.

Ash tray, horse cup/saucer A/R plate. Ritz plate.


Trays & Boxes

These are a selection of gift trays and boxes commissioned for clients from near and far. We work to carefully follow the design requirements of our clientele which ranges from automotive manufacturers to members of the Royal Household.